Greenies ™ Colloidal Chitosan is offered in several forms including ODC and YEA! Seed Coating and is a natural by-product made from the discarded shells of crustaceans.

Our line of Colloidal Chitosan products act as a broad spectrum bio pesticide that is easy and inexpensive to use. ODC Colloidal Chitosan can be used on Pine trees, Deciduous trees, Shrubs, Ground covers, Bedding plants, Houseplants, Flowers, Turf and Sod. Colloidal Chitosan is used  extensively in hydroponics and aeroponics.

The many benefits of Colloidal Chitosan for food production have been documented by NASA.  Colloidal Chitosan fortifies a plant's natural defense mechanisms against pathogens, insects and environmental stresses. 

ODC and YEA! Seed Coating Colloidal Chitosan Benifits:

  • Boost yields: 4-15% or more.
  • Average Return on Investment: 11X (1100%)

YEA! Seed Coating

YEA! Seed Coating Ultra-pure Chitosan Seed Treatment, Garden and Field Proven Results

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