MCH and Verbenone Pheromones

Greenies carries a wide range of bark beetle pheromone repellants including Verbenone and MCH in pouches and flakes. These repellants are insect specific, controlling targeted bark beetles while not interfering with desirable garden insects like Ladybugs and Lacewings. Bark beetles communicate using pheromones. Verbenone and MCH mimick "chemical signals" that can be used to indicate "No Vacancy" or an inadequate food supply to the arriving insects, causing them to move on.

These pheromone controls are not harmful to our children, pets, wildlife or the environment. Bark beetle pheromones like Verbenone and MCH are proven tools in the ongoing battle against Mountain Pine, Southern Pine, Ips, Douglas-fir and Spruce Beetles, all highly destructive landscape pests. 

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